2010 Commonwealth Games Accommodation

2010 Commonwealth Games Accommodation

Free accommodation is one of the traditional Commonwealth Games Services provided to participating athletes. As far as 2010 Commonwealth Games accommodation is concerned, it is one of the two major issues raising doubts over the preparedness of Delhi to hold the games there. According to a review conducted by Union Ministry of Tourism, there is an acute shortage of hotel rooms required for accommodating athletes during Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Out of 9,500 rooms required for October 2010 games, only 3,952 have been confirmed making only 41% of total rooms needed. These rooms must be available in the Capital and National Capital Region (NCR) including Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad during the grand sporting event of Commonwealth Games 2010.

The deadline for the completion of accommodations would be expired in March 2010, while about 6,500 rooms are yet to be confirmed before it. The purpose behind fixing a deadline six to seven prior to the onset of actual event is to facilitate the domestic and foreigner tourists to make bookings easily. According to another estimation made by the Ministry of Tourism, about 40,000 rooms would be required to fully accommodate the huge influx of tourists during CWG 2010, out of which 10,150 are already available while almost same number of rooms are under construction. The rest will make their way in various guesthouses and other such buildings in the city.

Not only the building or renovation of these rooms is enough to present a world class accommodation standard, also the services provided in these rooms have being upgraded and related staff have been given special training under the ministry’s plan of capacity building for service provider. Home stays was another option suggested last year to accommodate the coming tourists but there is no update given in this regard till present. The Ministry would be taking continuous notice of each and every issue related to the accommodation facilities for CWG 2010 to avoid any mishap and to assure leaving a very positive impact about India’s hospitality in the minds of thousands of foreigner coming to explore Delhi during the mega sporting event of Commonwealth Games 2010.

2010 Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee

Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee

To make Commonwealth Games a symbol of prestige for India and to ensure full proof preparedness for the coming event, New Delhi has formed an organizing committee for Commonwealth Games 2010. This organizing committee would be headed by Suresh Kalmadi, the Indian Olympic Committee President and a ruling party lawmaker.

The committee has a firm resolve to spread the message of environment conservation at the event of First Green Games by employing effective strategies for cutting carbon emission to minimum level. It has recently launched the Green Games initiatives and celebrated the World Environment Day at Hotel Ashok on 5th June, 2009. Chief minister of Delhi, Mrs. Sheela Dixit was invited as a chief guest at the Environmental Day‘s celebrations. A special tree plantation ceremony was organized at the moment in the “Commonwealth Garden of 71” which is also created at Hotel Ashok. In this unique kind of garden each tree is a representative symbol for each participating nation.

“The World Environment Day is one of the most significant dates on the International Environmental Calendar. The date is of even greater significance to us as it represents what the Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi is attempting to achieve. We are launching various initiatives to highlight our commitment to ensure the best ever Green Games”, Kalmadi said at the occasion. Moreover, Mr. Jairam Ramesh, the Minister of State for Environment & Forest also applauded the joint venture of organizing Committee CEG Delhi 2010 and Government of India taking all possible initiatives to achieve the vision of Green Games.

Apparently everything seems to be running smoothly regarding the activities of organizing committee, but these are some conflicting issues rising as well including the Kalmadi’s demand for removal of Mike Hoofer, the chief executive of CGF, accusing him of becoming an impediment in smooth running of affairs. Kalmadi also does not seem happy at the possible implementation of independent technical review panel to check the Commonwealth Games preparations. While on the other hand CGF president Michael Fennell has rejected the removal of Mike Hoofer owing to his unquestioned commitment to the successful holding of Commonwealth Games. He also stressed upon the implementation of review panel by saying that, “We will implement the Technical Review Panel as detailed, and urge the organizing committee to embrace the use of Games experts to fast track systems required for the Games operation.”

But it’s the time to put all personal issues aside and work together for the successful completion of the task assigned to them.

Shera - The Mascot

Shera has been selected as an official mascot of the 19th edition of Commonwealth Games going to be held in New Delhi, India in 2010. It was first introduced before the world at the event of Closing Ceremony of the Melbourne Commonwealth Games 2006. At that occasion he has invited all people present there to come to India and enjoy the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 in Delhi. Being the true representative of India, Shera is an embodiment of specific values which enhances the national prestige including majesty, courage, power, charisma, intelligence and grace. While in a field and facing a competition, the courage, speed and athletic skills of Shera are truly applaudable.

This word “Shera” has come from Hindi language word ‘Sher’ means ‘Tiger’, a true competitor with tremendous fighting spirit, an achiever with graceful attitude and a true representative of its national heritage. Shera also depicts a great hearted gentleman who loves to meet different people, making them friends and inviting them to his homeland to “come out and play” there. It would be the most visible face during the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Dehli, inviting everyone to come and share the amazing taste of grand sporting event.

Shera, a Royal Bengal Tiger dressed in white sporting jersey and blue shorts reminds us of the fragile environ he is living and our responsibility regarding the protection of deteriorating ecosystem.. The Royal Bengal Tiger is national animal of India which has now become an endangered species due the continuous environmental degradation and deforestation adding vulnerability to his natural habitat.

From a religious point of view, ‘Sher’ or ‘Tiger’ is closely associated with Indian Goddess ‘Durga’, as her most powerful and divine vehicle. She used to rides over ‘Sher’ during combats particularly the one against Mahishasur, a cursed spirit. Therefore ‘Shera’ also embodies her Shakti (power) to defeat the enemey and to vanquish the evil forever for the sake of spreading ever lasting peace and harmony in the world.